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Exhibition News

2020 Exhibition Highlights

time: 2019-12-10

The categories are more subdivided

Compared with last year, this year's exhibition category is more specialized and the exhibition content is richer and more specific, covering <> b nutrition health food, organic food and supplies, high-end food and beverage, probiotics, enzymes and other fields Come to the industry with high-quality, brand-new exhibits, and guide the industry to improve quality, smart services, and industry upgrades.

Exclusive purchase place for professional visitors

It is expected that more than 80,000 visitors will attend the conference in 2020, including buyers of nutrition and health food & organic product distribution agents, traders, retailers, drug stores, chain supermarkets, hotel catering, etc. who have the intention of bulk purchasing. One-to-one precise business negotiations. In addition, the exhibition also aggregated new retail channels such as e-commerce, community / community retail, WeChat, and franchisees to broaden the sales channels for enterprises in all directions and at multiple levels.

Get More than a Show Floor Presence at IHE China

Series of Activities of Lingnan Science Forum

Biweekly Innovation Forum - China Probiotics Industry Development International Symposium The forum was actively attended by many industrial experts from hospitals, health management centers, and elderly care institutions, etc. Topics included the community health care policy interpretation, development of chronic disease management technology, and development trend of smart health communities. New Retail of Social Media and IP Traffic Summit This is a global forum for the probiotics research. More than 300 top experts and business representatives from Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong attended the symposium. It is aiming to interpret strains development, functional research of strains and industry development trend.

South China Imported Health Products Summit

With the development of global cross-border e-commerce, the summit aims to explore new retail trends of imported health products, channels of entering China market, and related regulations. It gathered nearly 100 agents/distributors, traders, O2O companies, e-commerce, cross-border logistics companies in health industry. And the latest health products were launched by more than 10 overseas brands