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The 22nd CINHOE will be held at China Import & Export Fair Complex · Guangzhou, on 9-11 June 2023

time: 2022-12-19

The 22nd China (Guangzhou) International
Nutrition Healthy Food and Organic
Products Exhibition 2023


9-11 June

China Import & Export
Fair Complex


  • Guangzhou Yi Fan Exhibition Co., Ltd


  • China Chamber of Commerce of I/E of Foodstuffs, Native Produce and Animal By-products(CFNA)
  • China National Health Association Ethnic Medicine Communication and Cooperation Working Committee
  • Chinese Cereals and Oils Association
  • International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
  • Guangdong Organic Agriculture Association
  • Guangdong Institute of Food Science and Technology
  • Guangdong Food Circulation Association
  • Guangdong Healthcare Industry Association


With the enhancement of Chinese consumers' purchasing power and health awareness, the natural health food market has developed rapidly. With the deepening of the aging society, the demand of Chinese residents for healthy food will increase exponentially in the future. China's post-80s / 90s will bring rapid popularization of healthy, organic and health food. The rise of the new generation of consumers and the transformation of consumption concept will effectively expand the overall demand of the healthy food market.

China's organic food market is huge, with a perennial shortage of 30%, and this figure is likely to continue to rise. In the next 10 years, the average annual growth of China's organic agricultural production area and product production will be 20% ~ 30%, accounting for 1.0% ~ 1.5% of the agricultural production area; The proportion of organic food exports in agricultural products exports will reach or exceed 5%, organic food is expected to account for 1.0% ~ 1.5% of the whole Chinese food market, and the demand for Chinese organic food in the international organic food market will reach or exceed 5%.

Why Exhibiting?

  • By setting up an exhibition and exchange platform, new technologies and new achievements will appear in a centralized manner, and in-depth exchanges and negotiations will be held on site to help enterprises find a blue ocean in the market.
  • 3-day exhibition and 365 day uninterrupted promotion. The exhibition was deeply reported by dozens of professional media. The association's self media precision marketing, online and offline, soft and hard combination, and the exhibition information and Exhibition dynamics were effectively released before, during and after the exhibition, reaching the industry elite. Many free publicity channels and value-added services to maximize exhibitors' brand exposure and Exhibition revenue.
  • Focusing on the future, the exhibition always adheres to technology oriented and innovation driven industry development. Supporting industry brand event, each exhibition will carry out wonderful simultaneous activities with high industry participation, great influence and rich pragmatism,sort out industry development problems and look forward to industry development trends
  • According to specific needs, conduct one-to-one invitation to exhibitors and targeted business matching for audience buyers with procurement plans, accurately grasp the needs through effective communication before the exhibition, and improve the on-site work efficiency and business success probability of exhibitors and visitors.