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CINHOE -- Conference and special events

time: 2022-12-21

Conference and special events

► 2021 high oleic acid oil quality and nutrition Seminar

Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid. It can not only reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, but also has better antioxidant stability compared with polyunsaturated fatty acids. Therefore, it is called "safe fatty acid". In recent years, the sales volume of various kinds of high oleic acid oil products in the oil market has been increasing, which has attracted extensive attention in the industry. In order to further explore the quality and nutritional value of high oleic oil, the 2021 high oleic oil quality and nutrition seminar hosted by the oil branch of China Grain and oil society was held at the exhibition site.

► Guangdong cuisine master project: Catering grain and oil, high-end water, tonic and ecological ingredients docking Conference

The conference was actively participated by authoritative institutions and industry organizations such as China Grain and oil society, China Chamber of Commerce for import and export of food, soil and livestock, food and agriculture information branch of China Information Association and Rural Revitalization Working Committee. During the conference, tens of thousands of catering ecological ingredients, new technologies and new equipment appeared, providing inspiration for product innovation and brand upgrading of catering enterprises; At the same time, chef competitions and industry forums were held to explain the development trend of the catering industry and promote the innovation and upgrading of the catering industry. Highlight the dream and pursuit, feelings and responsibilities of the Centennial party.

► 2021 Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Dawan district health industry marketer Exchange Conference

This is a top-level event of nutrition and health science and technology. With the theme of "focusing on health and promoting the transformation of excellent scientific and technological achievements", the forum was attended by more than 300 people from scientific and technological circles and industries at home and abroad. New concepts, technologies and products have opened up a new vision for China's great health cause!

► The 6th China Legal Bird's Nest Market National Policy Presentation

There were more than 201 bird's nest industrial professionals from domestic and overseas to discuss the latest policies and development trends of the legal bird's nest market. Additionally, attendees had a further discussion on how to assure the quality of bird's nest and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

► Forum on Organic Agriculture for Poverty Alleviation

Organic agriculture promotes the forum of overcoming poverty, discusses communication and common development, aims to spread the information of overcoming poverty, comb the confidence of overcoming poverty, and show the determination to overcome poverty. Better improve the living environment of agricultural enterprises out of the predicament, better development of organic agriculture towards modernization, science and technology, ecological scale.