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Exhibits Categories

The 22nd China (Guangzhou) International
Nutrition Healthy Food and Organic
Products Exhibition 2023


9-11 June

China Import & Export
Fair Complex

Exhibits Categories

  • Nutrition Healthy Food

    health food, bee products, functional food, nutritional supplements, dietary supplement, nutrition-intensified food, sports nutrition food, rehabilitation nutrition, vitamin, mineral- enriched food, medical food.etc.

  • Organic Products

    organic fresh, organic grains, organic food, vegetarian diet, organic beverage, organic dairy products, organic maternal & child product, organic wash supplies, organic farm & restaurant.etc.

  • High-end imported health
    food and beverage

    High-end imported health food, healthy snacks, healthy drinks and juices, low-fat foods, etc.

  • Probiotics & Enzyme

    probiotics products, enzyme products, probiotics beauty products.etc