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good news! Vietnam's policy has begun to loosen

time: 2020-02-24

good news! Vietnam's policy has begun to loosen, and everyone no longer needs to worry about whether production raw materials will not be available. This is a clearance document issued by the General Office of the Vietnamese Government.

Rough content translation:

In order to ensure the normal import and export of goods and cross-border transportation, and to meet the requirements for the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection, the Prime Minister of Vietnam has the following opinions:

1. Cross-border imports and exports of goods continue to comply with regulations; ensure the prevention of epidemics without interrupting and affecting the production and operation activities of enterprises. The driver, flight crew, and crew of the affected area for cross-border transportation of goods (without passengers) are allowed to cross-border access (including international border gates, national road border gates) departments, sea routes, railways, air routes), but Strict epidemic prevention, management and supervision measures must be taken; only go to the place of receipt, the isolation point is in the border gate area, and it must not go deep inland; ensure the risk of disease transmission is completely eliminated.

2. Designate industry, trade, health, diplomacy, police, national defense, transportation, the Ministry of Finance and the people's committees of the provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government to guide and guide the implementation.

Government offices inform ministries and localities to understand and implement.

Statement: The above manuscript is translated by 21food. If copyright is involved, or the copyright owner is not willing to publish it on this platform, please contact us. We will delete it as soon as we receive the information.


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